Ocean Prawns

OCEAN PRAWNS is our flagship and the largest vessel in the fleet. She’s registered in Canada and fishes in the Arctic Ocean. Each fishing trip, the OCEAN PRAWNS trawler lands a catch of around 730 tonnes of packaged, sea-frozen, coldwater prawns.

MSC certified: MSC-C-52126.

Atlantic Enterprise

This combi trawler is ready for the future. She's the newest and most modern in our fleet. Registered in Canada and is a combined prawn-and-halibut trawler, fishing the Arctic Ocean. The ATLANTIC ENTERPRISE lands around 1,o00 tonnes of pre-packaged, sea-frozen coldwater prawns each trip and around 2,500 tonnes of halibut per year.

MSC certified: MSC-C-52126.

Ocean Tiger

OCEAN TIGER is our only trawler registered in Denmark and she fishes the Barents Sea and the west and east of Greenland. OCEAN TIGER lands around 400 tonnes of pre-packaged, sea-frozen coldwater prawns each trip.

MSC certified: MSC-F-31391 + MSC-F31405.

Reval Viking

The REVAL VIKING fishes prawns to the east of Greenland and in the Barents Sea. She’s registered in Estonia.

MSC certified: MSC-F-31405.


Our LOKYS trawler is registered in Lithuania and fishes prawns in the Barents Sea.

MSC certified: MSC-F-31405.


Like LOKYS, TAURUS is a trawler registered in Lithuania that fishes the Barents Sea for prawns.

MSC certified: MSC-F-31405.

Ocean Laura

This trawler catches a quota of cod in the Baltic Sea in winter to sell at auction, and a quota of plaice and sole from the North Sea in the spring and summer. She’s registered in Denmark and lands at Thyborøn.

Ocean Freja

Like the OCEAN LAURA, this trawler catches a quota of cod in the Baltic during the winter, which is sold at auction. In the spring and summer, the OCEAN FREYA catches a quota of plaice, sole and lobster and lands at Thyborøn. She 's registered in Denmark.